Letter: We Are Part Of The Problem

Each night for the past week Americans across the country have heard stories about protests, riots, police and military intimidation, and political oppression or inaction. What we really need to be doing is asking ourselves if we are doing enough?

Locally, there have been at least one polarized statement from a public servant and plenty of avoidance from local elected leaders. Isn’t that the safest thing to do?

While it might be the safest thing to do, doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Corpus Christi, like most of Texas, is a “turn a blind eye/I don’t want to get involved” kind of city. That is not good enough. We have to be better.

We cannot just sit here and let this be somebody else’s problem. We have to admit that we are part of the problem because we are not doing our part. We are simply turning a blind eye just like we always do.

Earlier this year I was flying to Miami to visit my grandchildren and help look after them while my daughter was fighting a medical problem. Every Monday I would fly out of Corpus Christi International Airport and every Monday I would get pulled aside at the security line.

On Friday, I would fly home for the weekend and on the return trip, I never once was pulled aside in Miami. But here in Corpus Christi it was a weekly thing and you could set your watch by it.

My son, who is very dark gets pulled over by the police on a nearly monthly basis. He is never ticketed, but each time his car is searched and he is left on the side of the road to put it all back together.

Are we really being fair or are we just hiding the real problem? I think we have a problem at we are too proud of ourselves to admit it.

What we need is a few less statements from political leaders and wannabe office holders. We need less talk about how we as a community “are better than that.” The heart and soul of this thing is that we are the problem and we refuse to admit that we have a problem.

For once can we have some accountability in our local government? Let’s for once put our hearts and heads on straight and just admit that we have a problem that needs to be addressed. But being grown up enough to admit that we are part of the problem means that we have to admit that we are just like the other big cities in Texas and America, and we can’t have that. If we saw ourselves for what we really are—a big city with big city problems, we might could finally be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

I want to say thank you to those who went and let their voices be heard this week. I am sorry that I could not be there with you. But I am inspired that you see the problem and are willing to act on it. I hope that continues and that our voices will force more action from local public servants, political and civic leaders. I hope that we can control prejudice, hate and injustice within our community.

—Mohammed A., Corpus Christi

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