Tropical Storm Cristobal Remains Over Mexico

Tropical Storm Cristobal remains situated over Mexico on Wednesday afternoon. According to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, at 4:00 pm CDT, Cristobal was moving towards the Southeast at 3 MPH. A more eastward turn is expected sometime this evening and overnight. The maximum sustained winds associated with Tropical Storm Cristobal are 50 MPH, with higher gusts.

Slow weakening will likely occur as Cristobal interacts with land through the next several hours. On Thursday and Friday, Cristobal is expected to emerge back out over the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico where it is expected to take a more north/northwestern turn through Thursday and Friday.

Even though as Cristobal continues to weaken as result of it’s interaction with land, there is further re-strengthening through the day on Friday.

Interested from the Galveston area to Western Alabama should take particular notice. Forecasters expect that they highest probability of landfall to be along the Louisiana coast early next week.

There is still some uncertainty as to the exact path of Cristobal beyond Friday, in large part due to the current interaction with land.

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