Welcome to the new website

Photo by Nathan Cowley

Welcome to the new and improved website! You asked us for a more in depth, classic and easy to navigate site and we are delivering it to you. Our “old” site will still be around for a little bit longer, but most of the content will be directed here to the “new” site.

There is plenty going on in our community and it is our job to help get you the news that you tell us is important to you. That is what this new site is all about. We will be creating more content, original photos and videos, sharing stories from trusted media outlets and creating our own content. This is just another way that we are building onto our brand promise of “Standing For Our Community.”

You will notice more widgets, more original apps like our new local government salary tool. you will notice our healthcare and education grade widgets, which independently assesses a score to are hospitals and school districts. These tools, which we will be rolling out in the coming days will not only help you become better informed, but have useful information at your fingertips.

I am excited about this and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you for all of your suggestions, support and encouragement!

Wishing You The Best,


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