COVID-19 may have actually helped the health of some people in and odd sort of way

It has been pretty decent weather around our area for the past few weeks, except for the stray shower here and there, which we all know is expected this time of year. There is little reason to stay locked up inside. In fact, many Corpus Christi residents have been taking advantage of the nice weather to do something that they just did not have the motivation to do before COVID-19–get outside more.

The best guess is that somewhere around 50 percent of area residents actually followed the Stay-at-home order anyway. But for those that did, they had experienced about all of the forced shut in that they could manage. So now, they are going outside.

“It reminded me that we have so much to do here,” John Vasquez said on Wednesday. “We have some good parks and stuff and they are for the most part clean.”

Vasquez said that he missed being outside and that something that he once took for granted is now a little bit more sacred.

“I always came up with an excuse why I could not do it,” he said. But now he is making a solid commitment to getting outside more. Why? The answer, he says was COVID-19.

Vasquez is not by himself. Anita and Moriah Blackman moved here from Florida about three years ago. When they first arrived in Corpus Christi, they spent plenty of time at the beach and along Ocean Drive. But after awhile, the new wore off and their jobs and life took front and center. Bing outside, they said was just not a priority. But all of that changed after COVID-19.

“We find a reason to be back outside,” Anita said. “We were growing tired of the the same old thing around town and after about 6 months we found ourselves doing the same things over and over again.”

Because of COVID-19, Anita and Moriah both are committing to get outside more often and enjoy everything that the Coastal Bend has to offer.

“You can do so much here without hardly spending a dime,” Moriah says. “That is one thing that we love bout Corpus Christi.”

So if there was a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that people are getting outside more and that in itself could lead to healthier lifestyle habits.

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