Democrats Flood Social Media In Texas Saturday Night

Texas Democrats went to work on Saturday evening trying to capitalize on the Republican spoof and gain ground that they may have lost due to COVID-19.

The term and hashtag “Turn Texas Blue” was trending deeply Saturday as the Democrats took to the streets and to the worldwide web. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a very tight race in Texas, with Trump receiving 44 percent of the vote and Biden receiving 43 percent in a general election matchup, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released this week.

Adding to the fire from Democrats is word that Keith Nielsen, the now former Harris County Republican Party chair-elect, will not take office in August, days after controversial Facebook post related to ongoing racial inequity.

The Texas Democrat Party also went on a major fundraising push this week trying to raise a million dollars that they say would go towards registering Texas to vote. As of 10:15 pm Saturday evening, Democrats were able to lay claim that they in fact had reached what they are calling a “historic goal.”

The Democrats called in minor guns to help with the fundraising fight. California filmmaker Rob Reiner and author George Taki lent their support towards helping Turn Texas Blue on Saturday. Left wing film producer Adam Best even tried to pretend that he knew something about gerrymandered districts in Texas. Best tweeted a map making fun of Texas 35, which covers East Austin through the I-35 corridor into East San Antonio, a fairy dichotomous district.

Locally, Democrats were out in force downtown at an equality rally. Democrat candidate Eric Holguin was handing out free face masks and working to get unregistered Texans signed up to cast their ballot in November. Holguin faces a strong incumbent in sitting State Representative Todd Hunter in Texas House District 34.

Democrats are going to likely need every single one of those votes to be cast in their favor come November if they plan on succeeding at their goal of flipping the Lone Star State. The problem is two fold for Democrats here in Texas: Disasters are good for incumbents and registering to vote and actually doing it are two very different things.

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