Food and Culture: All In for Local Omelettes

The Big Ol’ Pig from Chops and Eggs on Yorktown in Corpus Christi. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)

Matt Pierce Briscoe

The omelette. Ham and cheese, spinach and chicken, or whatever you want to throw in it, an omelette is just so freaking wonderful. But not just any omelet. No way. It has to be a real, honest to God creation of perfection of sorts. Forget those big breakfast chains like IHOP and Denny’s. They work pretty good at 3:00 in the morning after pint or ten of Guinness, but they really do not satisfy hit the mark. I mean, they work in a pinch but when you are looking for a real omelet you have to think a little bit outside of the cage.

Corpus Christi is a struggling food city with fairly limited options outside of the plethora of Mexican food places and taco stands. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t beat a real bad ass breakfast taco. But sometimes you just crave that delicious goodness of something wrapped in eggs and covered in cheese.

I said earlier that IHOP works pretty good and it fills the void when you are searching for a half baked breakfast. But let’s face it, they mix some egg carton Sysco crap together and throw in some pancake batter to make it fluffy. Whoopty-dooo. Throw that in the garbage disposal.

From one of those places, I prefer Waffle House, but good luck finding one of those here in this town. We get excited over and impressed with far lesser establishments. but there are some pretty decent places to get an omelet here in town.

One of which is Atomic Omelette. They seem to have it down pretty well and they don’t load you down with cheap potatoes and these things called pancakes. I mean what do you think about a tamale omelet? Hell yes. Cover that in that goofy, cheesy sauce that they have and you have a real winner on your hands. I am a fat ass and I like to eat. I can toss in a full order of the Hawaiian French Toast just for added measure.

What in the world does Mike VanSyckle put in that salsa? I mean you can put that stuff on almost anything and make it taste great. But it takes more than just a tamale omelette to impress me. Personally, I think those guys have it down pat and they are making solid food for the right reasons.

Are you opening a restaurant to get rich? Screw that. You are already starting off on the wrong foot. Anybody knows that the restaurant industry is a losing proposition from the minute that you get the idea. I don’t feel that way with Atomic. Plus, the new location off of South Staples is a Hell of a lot more fitting than that place they were at over at that funky intersection of Cimarron and Wooldridge and whatever, whatever, whatever. but the real attraction is the food, right?

Another place that you cannot go wrong with is Chops and Eggs, the new dive that opened up here awhile back over on Yorktown on the city’s south side. I like it. I mean recently killed the “Big ol’ Pig” omelette over there. the decor is a little misleading and the biscuits seem a little too perfect but let’s face it, you are not going there for the biscuits anyway. Here is what they have going for them—they don’t give you a bunch of BS on your plate that you really don’t want anyway. No greasy hash browns that have been browned in some artificial oleo product. It just tastes good. the presentation is nearly perfect, but you have to take it for what it is—a dive. Worth the wait? Debatable. But then again, given a large chain or Chops and Eggs, I will always error on the side of caution and spend my money with somebody local.

There is only one thing that hits me about Chops and Eggs that I really don’t like. Follow the expansion. A restaurant that nearly immediately seems to be promoting their franchising opportunities alongside their amazing food just doesn’t sit well with me as a foodie. do you love the food or love the franchise dreams? For me, that makes the food taste just a little bit different. But regardless, it is a damn good omelette.

Sometimes you just want something wrapped in egg and thrown perfectly together and is not wrapped in a tortilla. Both Atomic and Chops and will do the trick and both beat the crap out of that big, blue chain place.

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