Governor Abbott Again Insists that Nueces County GOP Chairman Jim Kaelin Should Resign

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made it clear once again that he thinks Nueces County GOP Chairman and former Sheriff Jim Kaelin should resign from his post.

Abbott spoke to KRIS-TV news anchor Mike Gillaspia Tuesday afternoon from Austin. Gov. Abbott, who initially called for Kaelin’s resignation last week, told Gillaspia and viewers in the Corpus Christi market that he feels that it is “inappropriate for people who spread these completely false conspiracy theories” to remain in positions of political authority.

Moments later in the interview, Gov. Abbott took another shot at Kaelin by saying “We need to be more level-headed and get away from these wild conspiracy theories.” That comment was directed at Kaelin’s blatant disregard for Abbott’s request and Kaelin’s obvious justification for sharing the post that many consider to be prejudiced and careless.

Kaelin addressed the media on Friday surrounded by supporters and who vouched for his integrity. At that press event Kaelin admitted that sharing the Facebook post was a mistake, but he also made it clear that he was not stepping down. Nueces County Republican leadership gave Kaelin an overwhelming vote of confidence.

While Gov. Abbott can ask for Kaelin to resign, there is little that he can do to force the issue except for use his influence to sway the State Republican Executive Committee. SREC would have to make that move.

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