MPB: George P. Bush Is Making Some Waves Tonight And It Gives Folks In Nueces County Something To Think About


George Prescott bush is making some noise this evening on social media and he is actually trending pretty hard right here in South Texas. It is likely due to a Texas Tribune report earlier in the day today that noted that the current and scandalous GLO Commissioner is voting for and planning to endorse President Donald Trump.

It is a free country and he can do whatever he wants. but the Twitter trolls are having a field day with it.

People are actually making it out like it is some kind of big deal that George P. Bush will be voting for Donald Trump. I mean was it really that big of shocker? No way.

A recent report surfaced that Auntie and Unk were not going to vote for “Orange Nixon,” but they quickly shot that down as false saying that President Bush was staying out of Presidential politics.

But take that off the table.

Some folks are playing with the idea that ol’ George P. Bush might make a run for Abbott’s seat and make a run for 1010 Colorado St. That points out to a good question to Republicans in here in Nueces County. George P. Bush had kind of made a fool of himself on numerous occasions and Gov. Abbott has already ticked off Nueces County for calling for Kaelin to resign. That leaves only one question:

Who would you vote for if it came down to George P. Bush and Greg Abbott?

Just something to think about…..

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