Two South Side School Districts Announce Their Plans For The Upcoming School Year

Area school districts have begun to unveil their plans for what the upcoming school year might look like round our area. The Corpus Christi Independent School District announced on Monday that they would be transitioning to what they are calling a year-round schedule. Flour Bluff ISD also announced their plans, which largely reflect only slight changes.

CCISD said that they will return to school on August 13, 2020 and the school year will end on June 3, 2021. Breaks are being scheduled on Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, Jan. 19-22 and June 7-11.

The newly adapted CCISD school calendar tack on five minutes to campus class schedules and will allow them to reserve an additional two days should they be needed. The CCISD spring break will run concurrently with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Del Mar College.

Flour Bluff ISD opted not to follow the exact same structure as CCISD, however the two districts will be returning to school on the same day and will be operating on a more traditional schedule for the upcoming school year.

FBISD did send out a survey last month asking parents and staff their opinion on the idea of a more year-round schedule. The response from both the community and parents was in overall support of the idea.

Last year Flour Bluff ISD began considering making a move towards what is known commonly as a “District of Innovation,” which in essence allows a participating district some freedom with rule making, scheduling and other items. The final touches of that plan were put in place during this school year which had previously allowed for this schedule structure.

It is very likely that though Flour Bluff ISD did not change their schedule this time around it will eventually come up again for a future school year when budget managers and trustees could figure out a way to generate more operating capital to cover any potential financial increase. Any such financial proposal would likely not earn favor with voters in the upcoming election cycles anyhow.

Parents who we spoke with from both districts seem to be in agreement with educational leaders over the new structures. However some CCISD parents did not agree with the plan.

“I feel like they are using coronavirus to just get what they always wanted,” says Maria Sandoval, whose children attend Veterans Memorial high School. “I mean why not just say that.”

As for Flour Bluff parents, a handful of them that we spoke with said that they wish the district would have just gone ahead and made the change. Others say that they are just fine with waiting.

An analysis of both districts operating budgets shows that with the new adaption of the schedule, there would be some financial bearing from the districts. Some estimates take that number into the low millions.

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