Flour Bluff residents will have to wait a little while longer for work to begin on Laguna Shores

Flour Bluff— Residents of the Flour Bluff area will have to wait a little bit longer before they see work begin on Laguna Shores.

A spokesperson for the city said on Friday that the project is currently scheduled to be sent out for bid later this month. That process, the city says will last several months. The city anticipates the project will go to council at the end of August.

So when can flour Bluff residents expect to see work begin? The city says that they hope to begin construction some time in September.

The work is part of a voter approved bond from 2018.

One comment

  • Approved in 2018. Takes these people this long to take bids on Laguna Shore remake??? Over 2 years???? And about the bugs spraying of the Flour Bluff area. I have lived on this street in the Bluff for 11 years. 11 years Home all the time the last 4. Not but two times have I seen a city bug spraying truck come down this road and then did not even come all the way down. Once the machine was not spraying. SAD…


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