Commissioners Quarantine Following Possible Multiple Exposures To COVID-19; Courthouse To Remain Open

The entire Nueces County Court of Commissioners were reportedly in self-quarantine Wednesday morning following at least one COVID-19 exposure on Tuesday.

The news came down very late on Tuesday, however, sources confirm that officials actually knew about the exposure hours earlier. It was not until shortly after the local television news had aired that officials and their communications staff decided to release the information to the public, which is now calling the legitimacy of the transparency into question.

Sources confirmed on Wednesday that there is likely to be more than the one point of exposure initially noted in the statement. That exposure point is said to likely have had direct and ongoing contact with Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales.

The county says that the original infected source is isolating at home. The county has yet to officially release information regarding the potential secondary point of exposure.

Judge Canales and the officials met with managers and officials who decided the best course of action. However, they noted that the courthouse was going to be properly disinfected, but would remain open for business.

In other cases where there have been similar exposures, public buildings, such as the Texas State Capitol, have been completely closed. That action took place immediately following potential exposure from Department of Public Safety Troopers who were working there at the Capitol building.

All of the impacted officials and staff are said to be working from home as test results are pending.

This story has been updated throughout.

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