Travel Advisory Issued for Texans and Others From Hotspot Locations

Officials in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut announced on Wednesday that they would be placing restrictions on travelers from places like Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Utah.

Washington State originally appeared on the joint list, but was removed.

Officials in the three states say that enforcement will be similar to that imposed by Texas early on during the coronavirus pandemic. However, each state will be responsible for their own rules and enforcement.

Those who violate the order could face thousands of dollars in fines and further punishment if they are found in violation.

A person visiting one of the three states would be required to register with state officials and remain at their intended location for the 14-day quarantine period.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said that the order will even apply to the state’s own citizens who are returning home from one of these hotspot states.

Health officials in each of those states say that they are taking this measure to help prevent a resurgence of new coronavirus cases.

Parts of the European Union are even considering a travel ban on persons whose travel originated in the United States.

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