Developing: Christus Spohn Shoreline Reported To Be Near Overall Capacity

As we have been reporting all week long, sources at Christus Spohn Shoreline are reporting that the hospital is nearing overall capacity and that County Judge Barbara Canales has been asked to develop a so-called “surge plan” in the event that overall capacity would be reached.

Officials with Christus Spohn have not outwardly confirmed that information, but as we reported to you on Monday, sources at the Department of State Health Services advised us then that the hospital was likely in serious trouble of reaching their capacity limits. On Thursday, staff that work inside the hospital confirmed the DSHS reports.

Christus Spohn has been providing questionable data since the onset of the pandemic and has earned their fair share of public scrutiny when it comes to transparency with the public, county and state officials. Earlier on Thursday, we sent out an email requesting a status check on bed availability. That email went unanswered. However, around noon calls began coming in that there were concerns about the capacity level here locally.

Earlier in the day, sources at DSHS maintained that Nueces County had only been spared from the Governor’s order to suspend elective procedures after what they said was “incomplete” or “missing data” from Nueces County.

We have reached out to other hospitals in Corpus Christi to check on their status and those requests have also gone unanswered.

While there are only 41 patients currently hospitalized in Corpus Christi with coronavirus, healthcare workers say that it is the overall capacity that they are worried about as the virus seemed to have taken the entire state off guard.

On Thursday evening, the Health Department confirmed 259 new cases of the novel coronavirus here in our community. That’s umber increased today from 215 on Wednesday. The state of Texas broke another record for daily cases at 5,995 new cases statewide.

This is a developing story and will be updated throughout.

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