Abbott Announces Significant Changes To Reopening Of Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a new executive order Friday to close bars at 12 p.m. Friday. The order also limits restaurants to 50% capacity starting Monday in order to help prevent further spread of COVID-19.

“As I said from the start, if the positivity rate rose above 10%, the State of Texas would take further action,” Gov. Abbott said in a statement. “At this time, it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans congregating in bars.”

Any establishment that receives more than 51% of its sales from alcohol must close their doors, but they can remain open for take-out and delivery.

Starting Monday, restaurants can remain open, but have to scale back capacity to 50%.

Rafting and tubing businesses must also close, and outdoor gatherings of 100 or more people must get approval from local governments.

“We want this to be as limited in duration as possible,” Gov. Abbott said. “However, we can only slow the spread if everyone in Texas does their part. Every Texan has a responsibility to themselves and their loved ones to wear a mask, wash their hands, stay six feet apart from others in public, and stay home if they can.”

Restaurants and bar owners said that they have been caught off guard by the order on Friday, though there had been heavy indications that Gov. Abbott would make this move.

This is a developing story.

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