46 Cases Of Coronavirus Reported At Corpus Christi State Living Center

State Senator Chuy Hinojosa confirmed on Monday that there have been 46 total cases of coronavirus reported at the Corpus Christi State Living Center, which houses some of the state’s most vulnerable residents.

Of those cases, 22 of the infected persons are residents of the facility and another 24 are staff members.

Senator Hinojosa confirmed that some of the cases were reported over the weekend and that the Department of State Health Services and other agencies have been notified about the outbreak.

“We have notified the DSHS and others about this,” Senator Hinojosa said Monday morning via phone. “We are doing our best to protect our most vulnerable citizens.”

At least one resident has been hospitalized from the facility and has not returned as of yet.

Sources at the Corpus Christi State Living Center say that they have now been prohibited from wearing cloth masks and that there are limited supplies of disposable masks there at the living center.

Indications are that at least some officials had been made aware of the cases last week but the information was released publicly until Monday morning when State Senator Hinojosa confirmed that information to The Southside Light.

This is a developing story.