Breaking: Nueces County Commissioner To Announce Candidacy For Corpus Christi Mayor

Nueces County Commissioner Carolyn Vaughn will announce Wednesday morning that she will be stepping down from her duties as commissioner to run for mayor of Corpus Christi.

Vaughn confirmed on Tursday that she will be holding a press conference Wednesday morning to formally announce her intent. Vaughn filed her campaign paperwork on Tuesday

The announcement comes as many Corpus Christi residents question sitting Mayor Joe McComb and his often absence from city/county press conferences and the current direction of the Corpus Christi city council.

Vaughn, a former city councilmember herself was appointed to the Commissioner’s Court on March 14, 2018. The vacancy will allow for County Judge Barbara Canales to appoint a replacement for Vaughn’s seat.


  • If she is a Democrat then No way will I vote for her…


  • Will actively work to defeat her.


  • She is a Republican.


  • This is why Corpus Christi Texas has never really grown over the past 40 years. Their old school ideology, no real job growth and lack of economic enhancements causing their stagnant population due to people like this to be elected into office.

    If you compare it to cities like Houston or San Antonio who have progressive leaders, heck in 10 years San Antonio’s population growth grew more than the entire population of CC, much of this to job growth and implants relocating.


  • Curt Broomfield

    Carolyn Vaughn is a smart conservative business woman. She paid her dues help building a business here. Then went on to be feisty, no-nonsense Corpus Christi council member. She always did her homework and knew what she was talking about. She has been a stellar Nueces County Commissioner for precinct one and once again doing her homework on all matters. Now she is willing to be our Mayor. She not only knows City matters, but now has a firm hold on County business. She has always answered my emails in a timely matter. She has my vote.


  • Can she handle the mess with the city stealing from its citizens via their water billing?


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