COVID-19 Testing Slows Down For Multiple Reasons In Nueces County

Local public health officials confirmed on Monday that some testing for Coronavirus has fallen a little off because of a lack of testing supplies. But that isn’t the only reason. At least one other factor is in play—ten area nursing homes with Coronavirus outbreaks that by state order will now require complete testing.

While a lack of testing supplies is complicated matter of filing paperwork and asking—along with maybe seeking the help of local state officials, that problem could be handled rather easily. Even with the amount of testing that is being done, Texas Department of Emergency Management logistics managers say that crews are working around the clock to rapidly distribute testing supplies. Each night, cargo planes land at Air Force Bases and larger airports bringing in more federal resources. The bigger problem lies with the nursing homes.

When an outbreak occurs at a nursing home or similar long-term care facility, rules require that testing be conducted on staff and residents. Over the course of the next few days more than 2,000 staff and residents will have to be mass tested. That takes two things: testing supplies and people.

At least a few times Monday evening cargo shipments of supplies arrived in Nueces County. Officials with the Department of State Health Services says that surge teams are on the way to help. Sunday afternoon, federal and state resources began arriving at area airports and warehouses. By Monday evening, some of those resources had already been deployed to area nursing homes and hospitals.

City Manager Peter Zanoni made an announcement on Monday saying that the previously planned testing at the Concrete Street Amphitheater was canceled due to the nursing home sure and the outbreak at the Corpus Christi State Living Center.

Testing has not completely stopped in Nueces County and it is actually still going strong, despite some local reports.

DSHS and The Texas Department of Emergency Management both confirm that resources are available and that supplies are being dispatched and distributed on a regular basis—even to Nueces County. The only hiccup is the long-term care facilities each time they have a breakout. That in itself will somewhat slow public testing, but protecting the most vulnerable is what’s most important.

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