Officials In Nueces County Order Beach Restrictions Ahead Of Holiday Weekend

Officials in Nueces County are finalizing an order that would restrict access to public beaches over the course of the upcoming Independence Day weekend. This moves comes as the city and region are experiencing increased cases of coronavirus.

The order will go into effect July 1 and remain in place until July 7, 2020.

This order is similar to the orders that were put into place over the Easter Holiday that were intended to keep residents and holiday seekers off of area beaches and slow the spread of COVID-19.

This order will not prohibit pedestrian traffic on area beaches. Area piers such as Bob Hall Pier will remain open along with RV Parks.

Padre Island National Seashore and Mustang Island State Park, which fall under other jurisdictions, will set their own limitations.

The order also includes Klebreg County beaches.

The order also comes on the heels of an announcement on Monday from city and county leaders that the beaches would remain open for the holiday, hinting that there would be no such limitations but that County Judge Barbara Canales did have options available to her that would allow her to put orders such as this into place.

While there is no doubt that some will argue that the move is not needed, just as many will agree that the restrictions are needed.

Many holiday seekers from places such as the Texas Hill Country and the San Antonio area have already made plans by booking the popular short-term vacation rentals through internet sites. So far, there is no restriction in-place that prevents that action. Corpus Christi Mayor removed that limitation back in April as part of localized reopening.

This is a developing story.

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