A touching radio call: A wife says farewell over the air

Just after 3:00 pm on Monday there was a frail voice make a radio call on the amateur radio airwaves from out around Mathis, but the exact location was largely unknown. The female’s obviously elderly voice sounded somewhat urgent as she made her call. She had a message for anybody who would listen.

“Is there anybody out there near the radio?”

Seconds later there was a response from a radio operator near Mustang Island. Was there some sort of emergency? All ears stood by for what came next.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that my husband, Richard Joyner passed away on June 25,” she said. “I just wanted to tell you guys thank you.”

There was a short exchange between the operator out on Mustang Island and she slowly repeated her husband’s call-sign.

“Keep on talkin,’” the frail voice closed out. You could almost hear the tears in her voice. She just wanted to pass along the sad news and to tell everybody “thanks.”

After the sign off, a handful of radio operators chimed in their condolences as the thoughtful new widow must have been listening. There could not have been a more fitting farewell.

While things were going pretty fast and furious here in our little newsroom, it all came to a stop for just a moment at just after 3:00 pm on a Monday afternoon.

Our personal condolences go out to the family.

You can read Mr. Joyner’s Mr. Joyner’s obituary here or leave the family a message.

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