State Officials Confirm That State Resources Are En Route To Nueces County

Original: July 8, 2020 4:58 pm; Updated: July 9, 2020 10:36 am

Earlier in the day on Wednesday lawmakers made a formal request to state emergency managers for a surge team to be dispatched to Nueces County to assist with the increasing coronavirus numbers that are being seen in the county.

In an email the Nueces County Legislative Delegation announced that the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has deployed the requested state resources and they are expected to arrive on July 10.

How Will Those Resources Be Distributed?

Corpus Christi Medical Center: 16 staff have been identified and are being deployed to Doctors Regional. Corpus Christi Medical Center also sent in a secondary request for 28 medical staff, which have been approved.

Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital: 40 staff currently on-site. Another 38 staff have been deployed.

Christus Spohn South: 16 staff have been requested.

The state’s contractor, BCFS said that they are currently seeking staff which are available for deployment.

In a joint statement, the delegation said the following:

“We continue working with our county and city officials to ensure the state is providing our region the necessary staff and resources to help us respond to the surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. We thank Governor Greg Abbott and our state agencies for quickly responding to our needs by sending staff and ventilators to our hospitals, providing much needed relief. To carry out our mission to successfully provide the health care needs for COVID-19, requires everyone at all levels of government working together. We are all in this together, and we can only succeed through collective action where everyone is working toward solving this crisis as one community.”

The Department of State Health Services also confirmed that a forward deployment of ventilators and O2 concentrate has occurred. This will ensure quick distribution in the event of an urgent need.

While the resources are en route to the county to help take the strain off of the hospitals by design, employees at places like the Corpus Christi State Supported Living Center may have to wait a little bit longer to get the help that they have been demanding. That is due in part to local management refusing to admit that there is a problem or even an outbreak within the facility.

While none of these resources are going to be going directly to the State Supported Living Center directly, they will be going to the hospitals where the most critical patients will be treated.

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services has yet to respond to the situation at the center, and they would have to be the agency to send down an emergency response team to assist with the crisis there. So far, Health and Human Services Commission management has not even let it be known that there is even a problem at the facility, which leads to the idea of a possibility of a serious cover-up.

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