Something To Watch For In The Gulf This Week

Doug Mason

Well, we have not had much to talk about in the tropics thanks in part to the Saharan Dust that has been giving us some amazing sunsets! There is no tropical development is expected from the National Hurricane Center over the next five days and that is good news.

Some other good news is that we are also mostly clear of any Saharan Dust issues and there’s not much more expected in our area over the coming days.

But from where I sit over here in my corner of the Coastal Bend our near Rockport, I am keeping a little of an eye out as we all should.

With that said, one thing I’m watching is a weak tropical wave in the Gulf that could organize a little by late next week. At the very least, we’ll see some deeper tropical downpours Friday and next Saturday. Obviously, that’s a pretty good ways away but still worth keeping an eye on.

Just for quick reference this is what we call a “Tropical Wave” that we are watching right now. I want to give you a quick little bit of food for thought about that just in case you didn’t know. A tropical wave is LOWEST on the threat scale. the real thing that we are talking about here is the chance of some VERY beneficial rain chances later in the week. Problems arise with organized storms and that is by far not what we are dealing with here. Tropical Waves are really just a sloppy mess that bears keeping an eye on.

The National hurricane Center defines a Tropical Wave as “An inverted trough (an elongated area of relatively low pressure) or cyclonic curvature maximum moving east to west across the tropics. These can lead to the formation of a tropical cyclone. Also known as an easterly wave.” That really sums it all up.

So with that said, those of us who live here on the coast should always very watch tropical waves, especially when they get into the Gulf of Mexico. Given the right atmosphere, waves can quickly become organized and dangerous. So, we will keep an eye on the Gulf this week just in case!

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