Tropical Depression 8 Expected To Become Tropical Storm Hannah

D. Mason

Tropical Depression number eight formed yesterday in the Gulf of Mexico, and the National Hurricane Center issued a Tropical Storm Watch all the way along the Texas coast from High Island to Port Mansfield.

This developing system will move into the northwestern Gulf Thursday, which should bring us a pretty nasty and muggy day.

We believe it will be a significant rainmaking event for us from late Friday through the weekend. How much rain falls will depend on how organized it gets and where it eventually moves inland along the Texas coast. Right now we believe the middle Texas coast will be on the wetter “dirty” side of the storm, meaning we would get the moist tropical flow that brings the heaviest rains and roughest seas. At this time we are expecting 3-5″ will be common south of maybe I-10 (for easy reference) with some spots picking up over 6″. North of I-10 we expect 1-3″ of rain. Rain total events could change drastically if the storm gains more organization.

If it does develop into a tropical storm it would be named “Hanna”.

We’re also keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Gonzalo, which will likely be the first hurricane of the 2020 season. Gonzalo is still in the Atlantic and could struggle to maintain it’s strength as it moves in to the Caribbean. It’s future is still very uncertain.

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