Midnight Update: TS Hanna

D. Mason

Tropical Depression No. 8 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Hanna.

On Thursday evening, NOAA Hurricane Hunters found 40 mph winds in thunderstorms surrounding the center, and the National Hurricane Center upgraded Tropical Depression 8 to Tropical Storm Hanna. The Tropical Storm Warning has been extended southward from San Luis Pass on the west end of Galveston Island all the way to the mouth of the Rio Grande.

The center of the forecast cone continues to shift southward, and is now aimed more toward Baffin Bay than Matagorda Bay.

If that holds true, we here in Corpus Christi will be on the “dirty” side of Hannah and we can expect a lot of wind, rain, pretty high tides, coastal flooding and just plain nasty.

Be prepared because 6 inches of rain is possible and we will certainly see some street flooding and coastal impacts.

Keep tuned to local media and stay informed!