The Friday Before Hanna

On Friday Tropical Storm Hanna churned out in the Gulf of Mexico. It is expected to make landfall on Saturday as a Category One Hurricane just south of Corpus Christi. Here are some of the sights that we saw around town on Friday as area residents prepared for landfall.

Clouds from the outflow of Tropical Storm Hanna began to make their grand entry in the morning hours of Friday (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
Life of all types prepare for the arrival of Tropical Storm Hanna (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
A heron sits on an island patiently watching for it’s next meal (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
Coastal flooding will certainly become a problem as Tropical Storm Hanna rumbles ashore on Saturday. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
The Flour Bluff baseball field has sat largely empty for most of this year. As their big league counterparts took their field this week it is fields like these that will sit dormant until at least the spring of 2021. The fields will get some rain. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
Swells began to increase during the early evening hours of Friday as Tropical Storm Hanna loomed only ab out 200 miles offshore. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
Despite beaches being closed in Corpus Christi, some people still chose to defy the orders and make their way out to the beach. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
The city pre-positioned some high water rescue equipment around the area like this rescue boat located near Shoreline and Coopers Alley. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)
At the marina in Corpus Christi the boats were ready to and stable as they waited to see what Hanna deals out. (Matt Pierce Briscoe)

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