Gov. Abbott Tours Hurricane Damage In Corpus Christi On Tuesday

Gov. Greg Abbot visited Corpus Christi on Tuesday to survey the damage left by Hurricane Hanna, which made landfall just south of the city on Saturday.

During his visit, Gov. Abbott met with local officials and held a press conference, which he called an “information sharing event,” addressing the state’s response to the storm.

Abbott was quick to note that despite the damage left behind from Hurricane Hanna, there were no lives lost.

Gov. Abbott spoke about the beach and street erosion left behind from the storm and he addressed damage that was done to area landmarks including to Bob Hall Pier, the Texas State Aquarium and The Art Museum of South Texas.

Abbott noted that one of the top priorities after a storm is removing debris and repairing damage made by the storm. During his meeting with local officials, Abbott said they talked about options to quickly remove debris.

According to Abbott, most residents should have power and work is being done to restore power to the remaining few who still have not gotten it back. As of Tuesday afternoon, less than 1,000 meters were still without power around Corpus Christi.

Abbott said it is important that as they work to recover from the storm, people remember to continue taking necessary precautions against the spread of coronavirus despite the cleanup.

Gov. Abbott also eased trucking and transport regulations to help bring relief and cleanup supplies to places like Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley, which received a large bulk of the rainfall from Hurricane Hanna.

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