Abbott Says That School Boards Will Win A Fight Over Local Public Health Orders

Gov. said Abbott on Tuesday that school boards have authority to overrule advisories from local public health officials in setting when schools re-open and when students go back to in-classroom learning during the pandemic.

“It really is the responsibility of and the necessity of the locally elected school boards that are responsive to the teachers, to the parents, to the students, to the public, to make the decision that is best for the school,” Abbott said during a news briefing in San Antonio.

Abbott cleared up the stance that school boards can take input from local public health officials, but if there is a disagreement, “the local school district will prevail.”

While many county leaders and educators across the state maintained that the state guidelines were burdensome and confusing, Abbott argued that they were not.

Abbott said that he does not see there being any such confusion in his orders.

“ I’ve been clear with these directives,” Abbott said. “I’m prepared to issue an executive order to make it more clear.”

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