Bidding Has Begun For Laguna Shores Improvement Project

The city of Corpus Christi opened bidding for the reconstruction project of Laguna Shores Road on Wednesday and early stage construction should begin in the next few months.

The project will be broken up into two sections that include Padre Island Drive to Graham and Hustlin’ Hornet all the way to the end near Bluff Landing.

Water and debris cover Laguna Shores Road in Flour Bluff during Hurricane Hanna (Matt Pierce Briscoe/Southside Light News)

The project will address flooding concerns that have plagued the area for years. The height of the roadway will be raised 18-24 inches, which would make the roadway less susceptible to minor coastal flooding and light tidal surge.

Another big improvement is that plans call for the road to be widened making it safer for drivers and pedestrians. The area is a fairly populated area and heavily favored among outdoors enthusiasts who use the area for fishing, building and kite surfing.

The project is part of a voter approved bond package and has been strongly advocated for District 4 Councilman Greg smith who represents the area.

Early phase construction is expected to begin. In the coming weeks.

This reports as filed by Southside Light News staff on August 5, 2020 at 8:48 pm.

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