Abbott visits Lubbock and El Paso urging Texans to remain vigilant

Gov. Greg Abbott spent Thursday meeting with officials in Lubbock and El Paso about the ongoing coronavirus response from a state perspective. 

As Labor Day weekend approaches, Gov. Abbott said that healthcare workers are worried that the state’s already stressed hospitals could end up overran with patients.

Abbott said that if Texans refuse to let their guard down, the state will be able to contain the spread of COVID-19. Gov. Abbott insinuated that if Texas work together, they can keep the spread at a manageable level and limit hospitalizations. 

Abbott was joined by Chief Nim Kidd of the Texas Division of Emergency Management. Dr. Hellerstedt was not in attendance. 

Abbott said the state is working with medical producers to increase testing capabilities for schools and nursing homes, including tests with same-day turnaround tests for nursing homes. He said that should begin late this week or early next week. 

On the day that many schools started virtual classes, Abbott said that the state is working with districts to supply internet hotspots and laptops. Federal funding might end up being made available to help bridge the technology divide. The Texas Education Agency is supposed to be working alongside districts to ensure technology demands for students are met.

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