Some places in Europe are starting to increase restrictions amid secondary coronavirus; Here, we are breaking records

The country of France had 2,524 new cases in the past 24 hours, the largest daily increase since the country lifted its lockdown back in May. But as the United States continues to struggle with what needs to be done in order to gain the upper hand on the virus, Europeans are becoming proactive in doing what they must in order to slow secondary outbreaks.

Paris, France as seen on Wednesday from an airplane during a flyover is tightening restrictions (Kathleen Herzog/Southside Light News)

The practice of donning a face mask in all public areas became mandatory in Brussels on Wednesday. Authorities in Greece have instituted a curfew order for restaurants. Though highly unpopular due this time of year being the height of the tourism season, locals say that they are willing to sacrifice a little freedom for safety. 

Germany reported some 1,200 cases on Wednesday. Officials there said that the increase was due, in part, to people who had been vacationing. 

But meanwhile back home here in Texas, the positivity rate was around 24.5%. This marks the third day in a row for that number to have broken a record. Governor Abbott said back in May that the danger benchmark would be only 10% and once the state surpassed that mark, it would be what he called a “red flag.” But thus far, Gov. Abbott, who is caught between being a villain in his own party and a weak to his opposition, has done nothing.

Children across the state return to classes Thursday morning, many of them online. Even that has parents and educators nervous as they face a highly uncertain future. Many educators are facing that uncertainty with less money in their pocketbook as some school districts, like Corpus Christi’s Flour Bluff ISD froze salaries for school staff. That move did little to boost the confidence of educators.

Flour Bluff School in Corpus Christi, Texas (Matt Pierce Briscoe/Southside Light News)

But the concern is that Texas, and the United States isn’t doing enough to slow the spread of coronavirus. It’s election season in the US and many political functions are continuing without attendees following social distancing and mask requirements. And as many Texans claim that they want more freedom, Gov. Abbott has repeatedly indicated that this isn’t going to happen until Texans show some self-responsibility. That may take awhile. 

Kathleen Herzog contributed to this report from Lyon, France. Matt Pierce Briscoe contributed from Corpus Christi, Texas.

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