Beach vehicle restriction will be allowed to expire

Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales said on Friday that she would be allowing the vehicle restriction to expire on Monday. However, there will still be a curfew in place from 9pm until 6am nightly. Some areas still damaged by Hurricane Hanna will remain closed.

Canales has been attacked and beat up on social media and in the some of the alternative press in recent weeks as she held tight to vehicle restrictions without any solid scientific data to back up her point.

As late as Wednesday at Commissioners Court, Judge Canales appeared to be postures for a fight. However, when she challenged fellow Commissioner Brent Chesney as to what she called “speculation” as to what she was planning on doing, Canales did not seem to take into consideration that her entire order was based solely upon speculation.

As of Friday, there has been one lawsuit filed over the closure. Nueces County and the city were forced to retain counsel to defend the case.

On Friday, Alan Rickertsen, the plaintiff in the case ask for a restraining order and encouraged citizens to file “friend of the court” with the court.

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