Tropical Systems Mean Keeping A Watchful Eye

It’s looking like Laura and Marco will eventually form in the basin this week, and both of these developing tropical disturbances could possibly end up threatening someplace along the Gulf Coast NEXT week.

Let’s talk current reality here without all of the scientific goo. We have plenty of time to sit back and watch these two systems play out and prepare.

Let’s say system one heads our way, it would not impact anywhere close to us until Monday or Wednesday of NEXT week. If the second disturbance out in the Atlantic were to impact us, it would likely be toward the end of NEXT week. It’s just too early to tell yet where and what to expect.

Neither system is any immediate threat to Texas just yet. However, we cannot rule that out because of their low latitudes and the steering currents that are guiding movement toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Stay aware in the days ahead as we enter into what is considered to be the most active part of hurricane season. Review your hurricane preparations just in case. It’s always a good time for that.

The peak of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season looks to be more active than normal for the Gulf of Mexico, but rest assured we have a week or more to watch this and prepare for what MIGHT be in store.

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