Red Cross: With two storms brewing, traditional shelter options are not going to be practical and they need volunteers

With two tropical systems brewing on Friday, the Red Cross says it has an urgent need for volunteers to assist in shelters.

The Red Cross says it needs volunteers to staff shelter reception, registration, feeding, dormitory, information collection and other vital tasks.

According to the Red Cross, because of COVID-19, it is placing those needing a safe place to stay in emergency hotel lodging when possible. If hotel stays or single occupancy lodging like campsites or dormitories aren’t possible, then the Red Cross will open traditional shelters as a very last resort.

During recent disasters such as the tornado outbreak in the southern United States, this style of response was required and the Red Cross says that it was pretty effective.

Due to the coronavirus, they say that places such as the Alamodome in San Antonio and Reliant Stadium in Houston are just not viable options to protect those needing shelter from both the natural disaster and coronavirus.

Matt Pierce field this report from Corpus Christi, Texas on Aug. 21, 2020 at 23:54 local time.

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