Beach cleanup draws 300 people on Saturday morning

An area wide beach cleanup that was set up in part by the Padre Island/Flour Bluff 4H drew around 300 volunteers organizers said following the cleanup.

The event took place Saturday morning and ran from the area around Bob Hall Pier towards Kleberg County. Volunteers were able to clean up about 2 1/2 miles worth of trash and debris that was left behind from Hurricane Hanna that blew through the area back in July.

In addition to volunteers State Representative Todd Hunter, County Judge Barbara Canales, Nueces County Commissioners Brent Chesney and Carolyn Vaughn all participated in the event, as did District Four Councilman Greg Smith.

“It was great working with PINS and 4H Clubs on cleaning our beaches,” District 34 State Rep. Todd Hunter said. “Our community cares about our beaches.”

The cleanup was a group effort from people who value the natural resource and recreation that the beach brings and encompassed groups from both Nueces and Kleberg counties.

In reward for their efforts volunteers were given tickets for door prize drawing in which Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales offered a significant contribution for. Judge Canales has recently been criticized and attacked for her controversial measures regarding the beach access restrictions relating to the coronavirus response.

“It was a great turnout,” said Carolyn Vaughn who is also a candidate for Mayor of Corpus Christi. “Seeing all of that trash on the beach that washed up makes you so aware that we need to take care of our beaches.”

Vaughn also said that she feels that area residents are “blessed” to have such a beautiful place in our own backyard.

“I also believe that part of the beach could be opened up,” Vaughn said. “Just black off the area around Bob Hall Pier until it gets repaired. There are miles of beaches that can still be used.”

And dedicated volunteers worked for hours Saturday morning in the summer heat to make sure that at least 2.5 miles of that beach were cleaned up.

Matt Pierce Briscoe filed this report from Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday afternoon August 22, 2020.

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