Rickertsen Beach Suit Update: August 22, 2020

The Defendants now have attorneys, attorney for Judge Canalesis Darrell Barger and the attorney for Mayor McComb is Alissa Adkins.

I filed a motion for another Temporary Restraining Order concerning the extended Beach Closing Order, dated August 17th. Yesterday, the Court said it would have time to have a hearing on this second motion for a TRO on Monday August 31st, at 9:30 a.m. I told the Court that I would be available at that time, but since the current Order expires at 6:00a.m. on that day, I would be asking for the court to a permanent Injunction or a hearing on an expired Order would be, at best a waste of time. We will see.

The Court said the hearing would be conducted using Zoom and You Tube, but that the court room would be open for anyone interested. This hearing will probably be rather short, maybe an hour, so I would not ask anyone to come, but you are welcome if you like. When the actual trial comes up it will last longer, I have a witness list with 20 names already on it and I have 25-30 pages of questions for both the County Judge and the Mayor. I plan to try and make the trial last several days. We will see if the Court lets me. If they have offered to open up the courtroom for this, it would be my guess they will for the actual hearing.

As of yesterday, the County Court Clerk has received 3 Friend of the Court Briefs. All of them are exceptionally good and I thank you all for sending them. I have setup a group email and I will be sending out group emails to everyone who has filed a Brief, when anything is happening.

If anyone would like a fill-in-the-blanks Friend of the Court Brief, you can email me at rickertsencattle@hotmail.com. and I will send you one.

https://odypa.co.nueces.tx.us/PublicAccess/default.aspx is the website where you can go to see the filings in the case. Case #2020CCV61064-2. Go to Civil filings, hit search at the bottom of the page and then search by case #. You will not be able to read the docs. But you can see what has been filed.

Again, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has offered help and support and a big thank you to the Corpus Christi Fishing, Surfing, and Beach-Goer Action CommitteeFB group for allowing me to post to their site.

Thanks Again, WAR

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