Calallen football player dies after violent stabbing in Corpus Christi area Walmart

A Walmart was briefly put on lockdown and was cleared after a stabbing inside of the store that has left one person dead. 

Police say that the incident took place Sunday afternoon in the Corpus Christi suburb of Calallen, in Nueces County. 

Witnesses say that an altercation between two persons inside the store turned deadly as one male began stabbing another. Witnesses also say that it appeared as if the victim and the perpetrator knew each other, however police have yet to confirm that information. 

The visiting is being identified as a student and athlete at Calallen ISD. Officials confirmed the death on social media and identified the deceased as Gabriel Cooley. 

Officials with Calallen ISD said that the football field will be open at 7:30 on Monday and pastors and counselors will be made available to students and staff. 

Nueces County Commissioner Carolyn Vaughn who represents the area released following statement: 

“Im deeply saddened by the tragic events that happened today . My family and I send Our prayers to Gabe Cooley’s family.” 

The male suspect was restrained until police arrived and he was taken into custody.

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