Sunday Evening: Tropical Storm Laura Strengthens; Marco hanging in there

Tropical Storm Laura is better organized this afternoon and is looking a good bit healthier than it has been since it first came to life last week. 

We are seeing a center vortex (center of circulation) that is much better defined this afternoon and just as we were talking last night and Friday, Laura seems to have decided to take a trip along the southern coast of Cuba instead of taking the northern route. It is interacting with some high mountains over Hispaniola, which is hindering development for now.

High pressure and a tropical air layer out over Bermuda and the Atlantic. That is helping steer these systems north/northwest. That ridge over Texas and the Rockies that we’ve talked about could drive Laura along a route that takes it into SE Texas and SW Louisiana. But that’s not fully certain.

Right now, the official forecast from the NHC says that Tropical Storm Laura will strengthen to a hurricane and approach the Upper TX/LA coast by Wednesday. 

Laura is located 1496 miles from Port Aransas with its 

Maximum Sustained Winds being clocked at 60 mph. That is an increase from earlier. Laura is moving at a good clip right now towards the WNW at 21 mph. 

Laura is expected to be a Category 2 hurricane as it moves northwest across the Gulf of Mexico. 


Hurricane Marco is expected to weaken before landfall Monday night or Tuesday along the LA/Upper TX coast. Marco is currently 588 miles from Port Aransas. Maximum winds are at 75 mph. It is moving NNW at 13 mph.

Stay Tuned!

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