Sunday Morning Tropical Weather

Here is your Sunday morning tropical weather talk. It looks as if Marco is going to continue to be less and less of a problem for Texas because once again it’s track has shifted to the East. But, that does not mean that Texas is out of the woods for Laura. 

Forecasters expect Laura to come into the Gulf of Mexico and then strengthen into a hurricane late Tuesday or Tuesday night. Laura is expected to reach the northwest Gulf by Wednesday. The forecast track for Laura has shifted further west again this morning, and computer models are suggesting another solid shift to the west later on. Uncertainty still remains with the forecast for Tropical Storm Laura but with the forecast track shift there is a greater potential for South Texas to be impacted by Laura. 

Currently, Laura is located at: 19.2N 73.2W, some 1622 miles from Port Aransas. Maximum Sustained Winds are at 50 mph. Laura is moving WNW at 21 mph. 

Just as we talked last night, a lot of the future track is going to depend on if Laura chooses a northern route or southerly route around Cuba. The long-range track and intensity of Laura remain more uncertain as the storm interacts with Hispaniola and Cuba through Sunday. Rainfall and wind impacts are expected for Cuba, the Bahamas, and Florida on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. We still expect Laura to make landfall as a hurricane along the Gulf Coast as early as Wednesday. If the storm tracks south of Cuba, it will have a greater chance of reaching Texas. If it tracks north of Cuba, it will likely stay safely east of Texas.

We will just have to keep an eye out what, if any impacts we get from Laura this week.

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