Monday Night Tropical Weather Update: Laura, Laura, Laura

Tropical Storm Marco made landfall this evening around 5:00 near the mouth of the Mississippi River with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. Parts of Southeast Texas could see some rain from Marco and then will likely be impacted by Laura later this week. This is a particularly dangerous situation for our friends just up the Texas Coast. Tonight, folks in Southern Louisiana can expect heavy rain and gusty winds. But the central focus tonight remains Laura. 

Everything is still pointing to a landfall for Laura later this week near Cameron, Louisiana or possibly a little further west. How far west is still uncertain. Best guess is that by the Tuesday morning 10AM forecast we will have a better handle on things. We just have to hang tight and wait to see where it comes into the Gulf after it pases Cuba later on tonight. 

Let’s give you a rundown of the current watches: 

HURRICANE WATCH: From Galveston Bay/Port Bolivar to west of Morgan City, LA 

STORM SURGE WATCH: San Luis Pass to Ocean Spring, MS 

TROPICAL STORM WATCH: Houston, Galveston, and up I-45 to Huntsville then eastward into Louisiana.

Now, with that said the OFFICIAL forecast track takes Laura into Louisiana sometime early Thursday morning. Folks here in Texas should not get too hung up on that because you could still see another shift or two either side of the forecast come. The reason being is you’ve heard us chat a lot this past week about the trough over Texas and the ridge of high pressure over the Atlantic. Those are still very, very much in play and if that trough lingers a bit longer before pushing East, we could see a landfall further west than the official forecast track. The Houston/Galveston area would, in that scenario, remain in play. So, for now the forecast officially has Laura turning in towards Cameron, but as you see precautions being taken on the Galveston area, keep in mind that parts of Texas are not out of the woods entirely just yet. 

Our thoughts on this should be a little more confident come tomorrow morning.

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