Technical problems plagued students and home based workers Monday morning

Technical problems were At war with some students, parents and home based workers Monday morning. Various videoconferencing, internet providers and service providers are reporting that they are experiencing significant technical issues outages around the country as students and adults kick off their work and school week. 

Zoom confirmed that they are experiencing an outage across much of the U.S. and Europe. Various outage trackers show that while Texas is being hit by the outage, the highest concentration of widespread Zoom outage is impacting the West coast, East coast and Upper Midwest. Here in Texas, the largest and most widespread outage of the videoconferencing platform seems to be in the Houston, Austin and Dallas areas. There is no set time timetable according to the company as to when services could likely be restored. 

Spectrum Communications has also reported that outages in the Corpus Christi outage in some areas. Internet service provider Grande is also reporting outages in the Corpus Christi area as demand is increasing. Both Spectrum and Grande say that like Zoom, they are not sure when customers will see their services return to normal. 

“We are aware that there are outages in Corpus Christi and South Texas,” a spokesperson for Spectrum said Monday morning. “We see that as demand increases we are losing more and more customers and there are increasingly slow data connection speeds, if they have service at all. We are working to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.” 

Another internet based platform that is having issues this morning is the popular student site, Blackboard. Students and facilitators are saying that they are having issues logging into the system Monday morning. According to Blackboard, about 60% of students Monday morning were having issues logging into the site. They say that technicians are working to address the situation as best as they can and are urging users to not contact technical support unless absolutely needed. 

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