Tuesday Afternoon Hurricane Laura Update

Good afternoon, this is your afternoon look at Hurricane Laura as she has now made her way past Cuba and is firmly into the Gulf of Mexico. This is where all of the focus is at right now and it will remain there for the next few days.

This afternoon we began seeing an eye begin to really form around the center of Laura as the center began to close around it fully. That being said, Hurricane Laura is moving out over deeper and warmer water which is that “hurricane fuel,” and over the next 24 hours is when we will likely see Laura’s biggest strengthening as it progresses through the Gulf. 

It does seem like the models are starting to get into agreement that there will be a landfall somewhere near the Texas/Louisiana border and that is in line with the official forecast from the National Hurricane Center. However, there is still a chance that Hurricane Laura drifts further west towards the entrance to the entrance to Galveston Bay and that means that for our friends further up the coast, they need to prepare for it now.  A drift of even 50 miles here is a significant move for folks on the upper Texas coast.

Laura is forecast to become a Category 3 Hurricane by Wednesday afternoon as it moves into the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Laura is currently forecast to make landfall anywhere from the upper Texas coast to east of Lake Charles Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

As it stands, here in our area we have a Coastal Flood Advisory in Effect from Baffin Bay to Port O’Connor starting at Wednesday 1 AM and running through Thursday 7 PM.

Our main focus right now is making sure that our neighbors up the coast are safe and taken care of. We need to start thinking about what we can do to help them and how we can do our part to make them feel safe, secure and right at home.

That said, you might see some evacuees here in there area over the next few days around town but we can all do our part to help, while making sure we stay safe from COVID-19. Wear your mask, stay 6 feet apart and just be smart about it—but make sure that we take care our neighbors. They are going to need us and we know they have been there for us, too.

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