Hurricane Laura Blog

Matt Pierce Briscoe 23:19 Wednesday, August 26, 2020

One thing that I’ve noticed over the past day or so is the lightning around the eye wall of Laura. As of 23:19 Wednesday night the storm is around 20 miles offshore Cameron, Louisiana and it’s going to be a bad night for folks over there. I’m praying that they got out.

But that lightning tells me something from my experience. It tells me that there is a lot of energy in this storm. Normally, you didn’t see a lot of lightning like this unless there are some serious tops to the thunderstorm clusters. That signals a lot of updraft (lift) and I’d imagine that is why this things is not getting any weaker tonight. It has a ton of energy.

I just pulled some data that shows that Hurricane Laura is still continuing towards the coast of Louisiana with sustained winds of 150 mph. The Pressure has slightly decreased to 938 millibars.

Best advice here, if you have family in that red shades area is to move to an interior room and cover yourself with blankets and pillows. Take all measures necessary to save your life. Who knows, being on the lowest floor of your home might not be the place to be right now…

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