Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Que says that they are hiring then insults those that they are trying to recruit

San Antonio based Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Que says that they are hiring and wages, they claim are $14-18 dollars per hour.

The popular South Texas chain said that are having trouble finding workers and that it could be months before they reopen their dining rooms as a result.

Jim Guy Egbert, CEO of Bill Miller’s told KENS 5 in San Antonio that part of the problem lies with the unemployment checks, insinuating that the relatively small stimulus is causing people to not want to work. Egbert then said that it was another part fear of people wondering if it is safe to return to work?

Bill Miller’s has recently become a political influencer here in Texas and have been a major donor to Gov. Abbott and the Republican Party platform here in the state.

While it might appear that Bill Miller’s does pay fairly well, like many businesses, they are forced to work many employees less than 32 hours a week to avoid burdensome healthcare costs which date back to the Obama administration and the Affordable Healthcare Act. Many employees are working far less than that.

Bill Miller’s has recently struggled with quality and cost issues after the departure of several former key staff which held true to the traditional service and quality that the chain was widely known for.

This could be a sign of internal trouble for the restaurant as things struggle to fully rebound.

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