Continuing Amid COVID

Corpus Christi residents were back out in force around town taking advantage of the lower temperatures and the shade from downtown buildings. Hundreds gathered at the barge dock this weekend to fish, barbecue and come together just s they always did. Photo: Matt Pierce

COVID-19 was first detected here in Corpus Christi, Texas back in March. Since then there have been more than 15,000 confirmed cases of the virus reported in Nueces County. As of Sunday there had been 390 confirmed related COVID-19 deaths.

Many older Corpus Christi residents are playing it safe still wearing their masks and social distancing. Public health officials have feared that the younger generation will be where future breakouts will occur. Photo: Matt Pierce

While the number of positive cases has dropped significantly across the state, there is concern that Texans are slacking off when it comes to testing. The number of persons tested since early August has dropped significantly. The 20 to 40 year-old age bracket seems to be the demographic that has just decided to stop being tested for various reasons.

Corpus Christi residents love being outside and they enjoy taking pictures along the waterfront. On Saturday evening people could be seen attending outdoor church services, playing sports, skating and making videos along the bay front. Some of them remained socially distant. Photo: Matt Pierce

For months people have beven preached the doctrine of being socially distant. As society is, that seems to work for some but not for others. Some crowds were sharing beer bottles, blunts and food, there were others who did their best to enjoy the evening sunshine and avoid crowds altogether.

Many area residents too to the streets for just a stroll and were out and about to enjoy the evening shade and cool late summer air. Photo: Matt Pierce

As officials worry about the upcoming influenza season meeting the COVID-19 pandemic it seemed as if this was the furthest thing from everybody’s mind. They took to the streets for a stroll, walked in the parks and took to the urban outdoors as best as they could. As time goes on people appear to be coming more and more comfortable with just getting out and about.

While there could be no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic it does seem that people are for the most part starting to ignore the government regulators and get back on with their lives once and for all. The urban landscape is changing with the crisis, and that has health experts concerned. Photo: Matt Pierce

Being able to get out and enjoy life without restriction is part of the American fabric and it especially shows here in Corpus Christi. Like everybody, residents here like having things to do and they like not being told what they cannot do. For most their patience has worn thin on the pandemic and their cabin fever is just about busted.

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