Election 2020: Bond 2020 Calls For Design Project For Aquatics Center At Bill Witt Park

Sign at entrance to Bill Witt Park on Yorktown Drive (Matt Pierce/Getty Images/iStock)

On November 3, voters will be asked to approve a $75 million bond. One of the components in the 2020 bond package is $1 million for the design of a new aquatic center at Bill Witt Park here on the south side. 

City staff say that the aquatic facility would have a pool for swimming lesson and would include a play area. 

While the $1 million dollars is just for the design phase of the project it is likely that costs to cover construction would have to come from someplace else such as another bond package down the road. So even if this approved it could be a long time before you actually see it go up. 


Our take is that all good things have to start someplace and bonds for design is usually where they start. While it would be years in the making it could be worth the investment. Opposition would argue that with so many other things needed in the community you might be able to find something else to spend the money on.

But overall we see the aquatics center design as an investment in District 5 that councilman Gil Hernandez has put plenty of thought into and he has vision for how this could benefit his district down the road. Hands down the opposition has a valid point, but time and again we hear the same thing—that people need things to do and those things to do help incentivize retention of local residents and not make them want to leave for even greener pastures up the road.

Analysis provided by Matt Pierce

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