Tropical Storm Gamma Forms Off The Yucatán


Tropical Storm Gamma has formed off the Yucatán this evening. Data from recon aircraft found a fairly well defined center and winds of tropical storm force.

We just aren’t too worried about direct impacts to our coastline because steering currents and dry air are not working in favor of the system. It will likely cross the Yucatán near Cozumel on Saturday and emerge over open water Sunday into Monday. From there it likely takes a hard left into eastern Mexico. There is a chance that it could drift further north but it’s far out there.

Out behind Gamma is another area of disturbed weather that we are more closely watching for possible impacts to the Gulf of Mexico mid-week.

Some guidance shows a system in the eastern Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, but exactly what we are dealing with is very uncertain. We are confident that conditions will likely remain favorable for development in the region and low wind shear means were could be dealing with Delta somewhere in the future. But let’s just wait this one out and see.

This is not the official forecast and when considering your plans or decision making always consult with the National Hurricane Center, which we will pass along important updates from.

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