Tropical Depression Strengthens Into a Tropical Storm Delta. Additional Strengthening Likely

Forecasters are watching two tropical systems this week, one of which is expected to head to the northern Gulf Coast later this week.

Here’s a closer look at each of the storms and what we know about them right now.

Tropical Storm Gamma:

As expected, Gamma has moved into the Southern Gulf of Mexico Sunday. Forecast models show that the tropical system will stay south of Houston staying in the Gulf through most of the upcoming week as it slowly winds down the spine of the Bay of Campeche.

At this time, we are not expecting any effects aside from some higher surf and tides later this week from Gamma.

Tropical Storm Delta:

Tropical Depression 26 strengthened into Tropical Storm Delta on Monday morning. Right now Delta is sitting south of Jamaica in the central Caribbean with 35 mph winds but the storm is expected to strengthen. 

Delta will move into very favorable conditions as it enters the Gulf so it is expected to intensify into at least a Category 1 hurricane by mid-week impacting the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 

The National Hurricane Center has a track turning into the central Gulf Coast with a potential landfall as a Category 2 hurricane late this week.

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