Delta Update Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Good Morning! 

Hurricane Delta is making a little bit more of a westward than expected track overnight and this morning and it is gaining energy much faster than forecasters initially expected. Delta will most likely  make landfall along the Yucatan near Cancun and Cozumel on Wednesday. 

Let’s chat a bit about this almost certain interaction with the Yucatan on Wednesday. Forecasters still expect Delta to make the turn away from Texas once it ventures into the Gulf. Truth is that Delta track closer to the Lake Charles/Beaumont area than the current forecast track suggests.

Right now, we still  expect our Corpus Christi area impacts to be fairly minor assuming the storm turns away from us. But understand that even thought Delta remains a good ways away those low lying areas will likely still flood right along the coast. 

Here are your Tuesday Morning stats on Delta from our local National Weather Service Office here in Corpus Christi: 

Hurricane Delta

Location: 17.8 N, 82.0 W, 1182 mi from Port Aransas

Maximum Sustained Winds: 110 mph; Present Movement: WNW 15 mph; Minimum Central Pressure: 962 mb

Hurricane Delta continues to rapidly strengthen as it moves WNW across the Caribbean Sea. It will continue moving WNW and is forecast to become a major hurricane this afternoon then move over the Yucatan Peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday. 

Gamma has dissipated.

South Texas Impacts:

Storm Tides:  At this point, the main impacts appear to be increased swell, which could lead to minor coastal flooding, and an increased risk for rip currents beginning tonight and continuing through Friday. 

There is still uncertainty and the forecast track of Hurricane Delta will have to be monitored for any potential additional impacts to South Texas.

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