The Laguna Madre offers more than most people realize and a simple jot of the freeway is well worth your time.

A fisherman uses a cast net to gather bait in the Laguna Madre near Flour Bluff this past weekend. (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

Situated on the banks of Flour Bluff lies the Laguna Madre. It is known far and wide as a sportsman’s delight and ecologists use its hypersalinized features to study the various life forms that call the Laguna home.

Researchers say that the Laguna Madre is a hypersaline lagoon is even saltier than most seawater.

A woman stands in the salty warm water on a cool Z October evening in the Laguna Madre just of the JFK Causeway. (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

It remains a very unique feature because of the traditionally low rainfall in the area and the fact that there is simply not much inflow of fresh water or seawater.

The laguna is home to salt-tolerant sea grasses and algae that do their part to support the crabs, shrimp and fish that make their home here.

The sun sets over the Laguna Madre and Flour Buff this past weekend (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

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Most nights the banks of the Laguna Madre offer spectacular sunsets and views beneath a comfortable sea breeze. Nature lovers will also enjoy the endless seagulls, egrets and herons that call this Laguna home.

Pro Tip: Exit Waldron Road in Flour Bluff and grab some picnic supplies and a nice bottle of wine or your favorite beverage and head out to the first exit off of the causeway and follow the road down about 3/4 of a mile for the ideal place to grab a sunset view overlooking Laguna Shores Drive and the Flour Bluff ISD complex. Try downloading the NASA app and looking up to see if you can catch a glimpse of the International Space Station or possibly even a string of SpaceX Starlink satellites in orbit.

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