73 undocumented migrants were detained at a ranch in South Texas

Barbed wire fence on a ranch (Johnny McKane)

Federal authorities discover 73 undocumented migrants on a South Texas ranch near Catarina.

 Officials say that the ranch, located in the area of Highway 83 North and State Highway 44 is very close to federal checkpoints and is not a common location to apprehend migrants trying to get through. 

The undocumented migrants were found hiding in a box truck that had been rented. The group has been gathering in preparation for further transport across the country. That’s when a CBP helicopter patrolling the area noticed the movement and the gathering of people near the truck. 

 Some of the suspected traffickers fled on foot when they noticed the helicopter, but agents on the ground were already in their trucks inside the ranch. 

 The migrants came from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Two of the traffickers are American citizens.

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