Part 1: Am I Red or Blue?

Tell your neighbor here in town that you’re a liberal and they’ll assume you’re on the political left. But, did you know that leftists and liberals have extremely different positions on key issues. At it’s heart liberalism holds a deep belief in capitalism and free speech. While in modern times, the liberals seem to not have much in common with their conservative peers—but they actually do.

You see, liberals defend free speech, the far-left wasn’t to make it go away. The far-left peach it from our universities and in our left-wing controlled mainstream media. The left really want to control every word that you say or every word that you hear because they control the narrative then they control us. Liberal minded people will support your right to free speech and your rights to consider information from outside sources. They hold dear the truth that “while I don’t agree with what you’re saying, I support your right to say it.” 

The left-wing trends to believe that anybody who disagrees with them is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist or sexist. Liberals never have believed that way. Liberals believe in equality, justice and fair markets. They understand that the reality is somewhere in the middle. The left wants you to believe that we are all equal… but. 

Liberals believe in moderation. The far-left believe in extreme counter balances and that the scales must be tipped far to one side—their side. 

But the far-right aren’t so different than the far left. They want to control the narratives, too. They believe that to be an American you need to hold a constitution in one hand and a Bible in the other. Strangely enough, the constitution wasn’t written to protect Christianity exclusively but religion as a whole the way that YOU see fit to practice—if at all. 

The far-right would have you believe that every liberal is bad and the far-left wants you to believe that every conservative is your enemy. That’s not the truth—the far-left wing and far right-wing are the true fascists within our democracy and they are who needs to be voted out. 

Donald Trump? He has no clue what he is and didn’t know until he was forced to pick a side. Joe Biden acts as a far-left counter weight and is a left-wing fascist himself. The only real safety net that we have left is local and state government—where we can control the far out, extreme wings of the ideologies. 

If a candidate is talking only about far-left or far-right points then you might ought to run like Hell. If a candidate stays the middle ground then you’re probably going to be just fine. As for President—you’re in your own. But the truth is that the liberals might ought to wake up and realize one simple thing—conservatives are not the enemy and you have more in common than what you realize.

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